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Online Reputation Management Software Guide

  It is hard to over-emphasize how important online reputation management and monitoring can be. People are every day finding out how damaging it can be to not be in control of their online reputation. After all, where is the first place you go when you need a question answered these days? It is inevitably to the search engine of your choice, whether it is Yahoo, Google, Bing, or whichever other search engine you find helpful. All of these search engines use various algorithms to organize their search results. These algorithms focus on trying to find the correct information that you are looking for depending upon the keyword or keywords your searched for. There is, however, a way to ensure that when someone Googles your name, company, or organization, that they will find the information you want them to find. This is referred to as online reputation management and it is a growing industry that has become more and more important as people rely on the Internet for more of their daily information intake. 

            It goes without saying, though, that online reputation management is a specialized activity. This is why many people choose to hire professionals who have experience working with online reputation management and monitoring. However, this can get pricey. For those who want to avoid high costs and do not mind doing a little work themselves, there are various online reputation management and monitoring software tools. 

            Repumatic is certainly the first tool that comes to mind. Repumatic is a recently launched online reputation management software tool that is well worth getting acquainted with. It is not free, but it is incredibly cheap, only five dollars per month for an individual and less than fifty dollars per month for a business. This comes with a sixty day money-back-guarantee, too, so if you are unsatisfied with the flexibility or user-friendliness of the Repumatic system, you can always get your money back. The truth is, though, that you are not going to have issues regarding flexibility or user friendliness. The system is incredibly easy to use, even for the most technologically inexperienced. No long term contracts are signed, so the user is able to decide on a monthly basis whether they want to continue utilizing the service. 

            Repumatic essentially allows a user to create a set of personal branding websites easily, quickly, and cheaply. These branding sites maintain premium domain names that search engines will find appealing and authoritative. You will be able to utilize branding sites that are geared towards either portraying the professional and business-side of things or the more personal aspect of branding. As of right now there are over one-hundred branding websites to choose from. Having multiple branding websites to build upon allows for building a natural online personal reputation through the Repumatic link booster. 

            Buzzmonitor is a free service that can be set up that will help immensely with online reputation monitoring. It is most useful for blog monitoring, though, which is a unique area to be aware of. The blogosphere is a bad place to have a bad reputation, because news can spread, seemingly like wildfire, to many different blogs very rapidly. Buzzmonitor's most useful tool is probably the embedded Alexa and Technorati rank information, so that users can be aware of how influential the blog they are looking at really is. The Buzzmonitor is an open source social media aggregator that you have to install and run yourself, but because it is open-source it is constantly being updated and improved upon. Buzzmonitor is highly regarded by those who want a free online reputation monitoring tools. Buzzmonitor was created by the World Bank for the initial purpose of helping NGOs to monitor what was being said about them. 

            Trackur is another online reputation monitoring tool, but this one is not free. There is a pricing system for Trackur, but it is still pretty inexpensive. Trackur is not going to break any notable person or business' budget, but it will provide valuable information that can be used to protect the online reputation in the long run. There are a wide range of programs and pricing schedules available, depending upon the needs of the clients. One can purchase a Trackur program for as little as $27 per month, or as much as $447 per month. All of these plans, though, are offered for ten day free trials, after which the program can be canceled if need be. Additionally, if your organization does not have the time or personnel required in order to give a Trackur campaign the appropriate attention, then fully managed monitoring services are offered too, which can really help. Even for those who do have time, they often find that it's worth it to purchase monitoring managing services. More than 60,000 individuals have become registered users of Trackur, which means it is not a new product on the market, but it is a reliable one. Andy Beal, one of the most respected names in online reputation monitoring and protection advice, is the founder of Trackur, and has created a product that many people enjoy and find useful. 

            BrandsEye is also a tool that is useful for online reputation monitoring, though it focuses more on analysis of large amounts of media and online mentions. BrandsEye is the most expensive tool listed in this guide, with the least expensive pricing system for BrandsEye running around $200 per month and the most expensive running into thousands of dollars per month. BrandsEye analyzes the available information for a reputation score, conversation value, and a social media workflow, in addition to offering all sorts of useful tips for managing and monitoring an online reputation. BrandsEye is a very high quality tool, but you are going to pay for the quality you are receiving. 

            No amount of tools can make up for the simple idea that you are responsible for your actions though, whether as a company or a person. This means not doing anything to inflame online conversations regarding your personal or corporate brand. If something negative is being said, it is almost always the wrong idea to go wading into the conversation to lend your two cents as well. 

You are probably curious about pricing, whether or not we can help you in your specific situation, and have a few questions. Your information is held strictly confidential and only seen by the Founder of Reputation hawk.