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White Hat, Gray Hat, and Black Hat Online Reputation Management

There are different Online Reputation Management techniques and ORM has adopted the same hat related terms as the SEO community. Please see definitions below,

White Hat ORM

 This is simply the practice of promoting positive press for a client. The goal is to create positive content that the client approves of and push it as high as possible in the search results above any unwanted content.

Gray Hat ORM

This is an area where you are not attacking a negative web site but you are also outside of the simple confines of positive site creation.

Black Hat ORM

This would involve any hacking or similar attacks against the unwanted web site.

As a company we have specialized in white hat ORM from the very beginning. The road is more difficult and labor intensive but over the years we have achieved a high success rate for our clients. Reputation Hawk is a small boutique Online Reputation Management firm that offers free trials, tips, low industry pricing, and no long term contracts.

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